Perfect Garage Storage For The Whole Family

Garage Storage Oakland

Larry, the owner of Detroit Garage Solutions, did a recent install of garage storage in Oakland.

The install featured garage shelving, which helped to store both the children’s toys and sports equipment for adults. According to the Michael Kelter, the owner of this amazing garage storage in Oakland, the children find the storage system very interesting. Utilizing the customize shelving, items can be at the kids’ eye level. The children can easily the hook system, which allows them to put items away after use and keep the garage clean and tidy.

Kelter said, “Larry, great job on the design and installation at our home this month.The adults and the kids find it very functional, not to mention it looks great.  I would recommend the product and your services to absolutely anyone.”

From this raving review, it’s easy to see that garage storage in Oakland has never been so functional or easy. Just one of the 4 foot shelving units can hold up to 1,000 lbs. That means that almost anything can be stored up and off the floor; creating valuable floor space.

With the Monkey Bar Storage system, there is a storage solutions for all of the items that need stored. Sports equipment, garden tools, and out of season decorations will all have their own spot in your garage with this unique storage system in Oakland.

All parts of this shelving unit are also very visually impressive. All hooks are rubber coated, the bars are powder coated, and the shelves are the best grade of steel that is available.

Michael, is very happy with how his garage storage in Oakland, MI turned it. It’s almost certain that anyone else working with the Monkey Bar Storage systems would also be impressed. Call us today to make your garage the envy of the block.