The Monkey Bars System is a phenomenal system! We have so much more space in our garage now, we can actually see the floor and park both cars in the garage.

Jason DDetroit, MI

We just had Monkey Bars installed in our 3 car garage and love it! The crew was quick, efficient and very professional. This is a remarkable system, everything is off the floor and our cars fit in the garage again! I will definitely recommend Monkey Bars to everyone I know.

Wanita GDetroit, MI

Wow, what a difference, this team really knows their stuff.
The quote process was simple, they asked questions about what we were looking for, listened, then provided suggestions / ideas on how we could better use or space. ( they even helped clear up some clutter from our basement )
I used the “how to organize” document that they left behind and in less than an hour I was ready for them to get started.
The crew showed up at 8 and in less than 5 hours, I was amazed!
Not only were the shelves assembled and installed, all of the stuff that I had moved to the center of the garage was up and off the floor!!!
I smile every time I walk into my garage!

Janet JKego Harbor, MI